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safety guidelines ANd Code of Conduct

It is our mission to make your stay with us as comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing as possible. You and your family’s safety are our utmost priority and concern.


With that being said, and due to the New Zealand Health and Safety 2011 Regulations, we have a few safety guidelines to follow.


• Be responsible for your own children at all times
• If you are doing one of our activities please follow the hosts directions.
• Do not go into the animal paddocks without the host
• Keep your children beside you, be aware of horses, donkeys, llamas, emus and cows as they can kick.
• Do not spook and shout around any of the animals, stay calm and quiet
• Do not let children, throw anything or chase any of the animals or birds
• If you wish to feed the animals, please ask for assistance first
• Stay away from the wooden box Rat and Stoat traps, the are set so for your own safety don’t touch.
• Stay away from the bee hives
• Step carefully at the river, the rocks can be slippery
• Mind your children around the water
• Do not interfere with plant or equipment, ensure children do not climb on machinery or farm tractors
• Beware of electric fences or electric taps across gateways on the farm
• Be mindful of any vehicles moving in the driveway
• Keep the farm gates and house gates shut

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