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Spanning 170 hectares, the Devcich Historic Farmstead, sits on the Kahe Block in the Thames/Coromandel area, which was previously owned by the Ngati Maru Maori until 1878.


Surrounded by stunning mountain ranges, rolling fields, 

open pastures, the Farmstead is the perfect escape to nature.

The remote location of Devcich Historic Farmstead makes it such an appealing get away. It is one of the last properties in the Kauaeranga Valley before reaching the Pinnacles walk and Department of Conservation (DOC)  visitor centre .

Historical Farm Stay (1).jpg

So many varieties of fruit grow in the Devcich Historic Farmstead orchard including grapefruit, tangelos, oranges, grapes, kiwifruit, pears, apples,  peaches, nectarines, plums, feijoa and figs. Not to mentions walnuts too.


You'll also find beehives on the property which produce a delicious variety of Manuka honey.

Farm grapes.JPG

The Kauaeranga river flows past and the only access to the Farmstead is crossing the river via a concrete ford. 


If heavy rain is predicted, a swing bridge is used to cross by foot and guests and their luggage will be transported to the Farmstead by a short tractor ride.

Tangelo trees in the farmstead orchard.

The original vines some of them over a 100 years old, still bear grapes, these include the Isabella, Siebel and Niagara varieties. 

Grapes are pruned in July and harvested in March. 

Our guests will have the opportunity to try some of the flavorsome seasonal fruit grown at Devcich Historic Farmstead. 

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